The Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration (ANRC)

Proceedings of the Transmission of academic values in Asian Studies workshop

25 & 26 June 2009
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Papers are presented in alphabetical order by first author’s surname.

AuthorAffiliationPaper Title
Broinowski, AlisonUniversity of Wollongong &
The Australian National University
'Merely' academic? Critical responses to Australian – Asian fiction [164kB,PDF]
Colombijn, FreekVU University AmsterdamThe Dutch colonial burden: colonial collections in postcolonial times and the transfer of academic values [149kB,PDF]
Dales, LauraUniversity of Western AustraliaLanguage and Learning: Commitments to Asian Studies and the Future [154kB,PDF]
Dick, HowardUniversity of Melbourne &
University of Newcastle (NSW)
What Place for Scholars in the Academic Zoo? [121kB,PDF]
Ditton, Mary &
Lehane, Leigh
University of New EnglandResearch Ethics: Cross cultural perspective of research ethics in Southeast Asia [221kB,PDF]
Doukakis, AnnaUniversity of New South WalesBreaking Down Academic Borders [102kB,PDF]
Falk, Catherine &
Ingram, Catherine
University of MelbourneFrom intangible cultural heritage to collectable artefact: the theory and practice of enacting ethical responsibilities in ethnomusicological research [253kB,PDF]
Horesh, NivUniversity of Western SydneyAsian Networks vs. Asian-Studies Networks: On Reflexivity and Generational Tensions in Western Academe [165kB,PDF]
Iyotani, ToshioHitotsubashi UniversityOn the Institutionalization and Transformation of the Social Sciences in Japan [86kB,PDF]
Mollet, JuliusFlinders UniversityEthical Issues in Social Science Research in Developing Countries: Useful or Symbolic [123kB,PDF]
Purdey, JemmaMonash UniversityBeing an apologist?: The Cornell Paper and a debate between friends [150kB,PDF]
Reid, AnthonyThe Australian National UniversityGraduate Students and Professors: Who innovates; who conserves? [99kB,PDF]
Winchester, MarkHitotsubashi UniversityOvercoming the Limits of English-Language Asian Studies Knowledge: Doing Ainu Studies in Japan [113kB,PDF]

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